Closing Ceremony

This afternoon was the closing ceremony party for the knitting Olympics organized by my one of my fellow local knitters.  I’ve referenced this event in my prior post.  There were so many wonderful projects submitted and the competition was fierce.  It was broken up into two categories – short track and long track.  My socks were in the short track category.  The table was filled with beautiful knitting after everyone arrived.


Just shows how creative and unique each knitter is!!  The three judges arrived and had a tough task ahead of them.  While they examined all the entries we munched on cake, cookies and candy.  I contributed this fun giant cookie!


After some long deliberations the judges were ready with their decision!  I was thrilled to receive the silver medal in short track.  Thus, making me a two time medalist!!  The organizer’s son makes amazing origami medals and I will be hanging this one with my last medal in my yarn room.


Here are some close ups of some of the projects.


This was the gold medal winner in short track and it had a matching hat!



This is folded up but was the winner of the long track. It is the maple leaf shawl which can be found on Ravelry. It was amazing!!!


Bronze medal winner in long track. Love the detail on the sleeve and throughout. This was actually a mossy green color so color in picture is a bit off.



So much fun!!  I’ve now spent most of the evening trying to figure out what to take with me on my upcoming vacation.  It’s always so hard to chose a vacation project.  I decided to use some Noro a bunch of bought awhile back when it ended up in the sale bin.  Trying Echo Beach by Kieran Foley.  The Noro is nice and light and since I’m headed to the beach it seemed like a good pick!!


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