Vermont in the Spring

There are some places that as you are leaving you think “I’ll probably never make it back here again” and there are some places where you know, without a doubt, you will be back (NYC, Paris for me).  Vermont was on the first list.  My family came here a number of years ago and I enjoyed it but never really had it on my “return to” radar.  That was until I found out about a knitting/writing retreat being held in the mountains of Vermont.  And, if you’re going to attend a knitting/writing retreat I feel like Vermont is where it should be.

I arrived yesterday after one of the best flying days I’ve had in awhile (good weather and strong tail winds are a huge help).  The retreat is being held is a really old, converted dairy farm.  The floors in this place are amazing!  The stairs are another story and clearly not built to be used more than once a day.  And, there is still some pretty big snow piles up in these parts!  Early spring is not Vermont’s best season but I do hear we can buy some fresh maple syrup – can’t wait for Sunday’s field trip!!

The retreat is being led by two published authors, Shannon Okey and Cheryl Potter.  The really nice part is there are only six participants so everyone gets some quality time to explore their ideas.  As we sat around this morning and introduced ourselves and talked about our goals it was amazing to hear all the different directions people were going in.  We are all knitters and we all want to write about the craft we love so much and we all want to do that in unique and individual ways.  Even those who are more interested in pattern design and pattern books were all headed in different directions.  Pattern design is not my skill, probably never will be and that’s okay.  Like my blog, I have more of an interest in telling the stories of knitting.  I was also surprised when throwing ideas out there how far other people can take them.  It was definitely to places I had not thought of.  Already, after only one morning I have so much floating around in my head.  Right now, we are having “free writing time” so I wanted to get a quick post done and then spend some time playing with some of the ideas we tossed around this morning.

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