Guest Blogger

I have a guest blogger today!  Welcome Zack’s Flat Stanley, he’s here to tell you about his recent adventures with me.  I hope you will enjoy!


I could not wait to find out what Zack had planned for me when we were first paired up at school.  I was very excited when Zack’s friend Jenny came to visit and she said she was going to lots of fun places in the next couple of weeks and was happy to bring me along. Jenny lives in Cleveland, Ohio.  She took me to Ohio and we hung out at her house for a few days.  Cleveland is on the shores of Lake Erie.

Our first trip took us to Barton, Vermont.  Barton is in the area of Vermont known as the Northeast Kingdom.  It was way up on the mountains and there was still lots of piles of snow everywhere.  There were lots of farm and very few cities and houses.  We stayed at an old dairy farm.  One day we took a field trip.  Our first stop was at Log Cabin Alpaca Farm.  I got to meet a bunch of alpacas and one friendly llama.



We learned that alpacas are a pack animal in South America.  Lots of them were brought up to the United States.  Now they are raised for their fleece which is super warm and super soft.  We got to see them shear one of the alpacas.  They shear in the spring so the alpacas have all summer to grow back their fur to stay warm for the winter.  Jenny bought some yarn made from one of the alpacas we met and I loved the yarn!



Our next stop was the studio of Cherry Tree Hill Yarn.  The nice people who own the studio hand paint yarn and make so many pretty colors.  They let us look at some colors they were working on and we go to shop in the warehouse.




It was time to go back to Cleveland but we did not stay there long.  Soon we were back on the plane and this time we went to Washington D.C.!  It was so much fun!  Our first stop was at the National Air & Space Museum.  It is part of the Smithsonian museums. They are all free and there are so many to chose from – history, art, science.  At the Air & Space Museum we got to see a show in the planetarium.  We also saw lots of planes, rockets and other flying objects.  I posed with some of the space rockets.



The Air & Space Museum is located on the National Mall which is a big park that everyone can go to.  We walked along the mall and I got to take some selfies with some famous buildings.



The first picture is me in front of the Washington Monument.  It is such a tall building.  I wish we could have gone to the top but it was damaged by an earthquake and they are still working to fix it.  I didn’t know they had earthquakes in Washington!

The second picture is me in front of the Capitol Building.  This building is where Congress works.  It reminded me of the Schoolhouse Rock video I’m Just a Bill!!

The next day Jenny had to do some work in the morning but then we were able to go out and see a few more sights.  The last place we saw was the White House where the President lives.  There were lots of people there and everyone was taking lots of pictures.  We did not get to see the President but here’s me in front of his house!


I had a lot of fun with Jenny and I’m so glad she took me along!  I hope you like hearing about my travels and learned something fun!


Thanks Stanley – it was fun having you with me!!



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