What’s on my needles this weekend?

I have not been able to keep up with these posts as often as I would like so far this year but tonight seemed a good time to share what’s on my needles today.  I have been doing a lot of traveling, both for work and for fun so far this year.  When you plan a vacation months ahead of time you don’t always know how much work travel will happen at the same time which is what has happened for me.  I got home last night after a five hour drive and was really tired and thought about knitting but had nothing on my needles that simply required me to knit in a circle.  It was at that point I realized why a lot of knitters always have a pair of socks on needles – you just have to knit in a circle if you’re on the foot or the leg.  I’m missing one of size 1 dpn so I can’t even start a pair until I get a new set of dpns to replace the missing needle.  I’ve been out of town for 13 days this month and am refusing to go anywhere this weekend so new needles for me.

I made the Churchmouse Welted Cowl and Infinity Scarf last year and loved the pattern and loved wearing the infinity scarf.  I did it in Christmas colored yarn so it is put away but when I was working on it I saw some yarn from long ago in my yarn room and thought it was the perfect yarn to make another scarf.  Given the welted design of the scarf it requires a lot of knitting in circles and is great mindless knitting – almost impossible to screw up!

I pulled the yarn out today.  I actually got it for a gift a number of years when I first started knitting, and before I learned the importance of keeping tags so you know how much of what you have…  I’m a huge Ohio State fan and this yarn was hand-dyed by an Ohio woman who did a Buckeye colorway.  My Mom bought it at a knitting store and they told her I could bring it back and have swifted.  When I went back I bought another ball, just in case…  I should’ve known then I would turn into a knitting addict.  Anyway, that had to be five or six years ago.  I lost the tags but I had joined the dyer’s group on Ravelry.  Yes, Ravelry to the rescue yet again!  Turns out it is Tuscan Grove Bellagio yarn which is a DK superwash merino.  And, good thing I bought ball #2 because now I will have enough to make the infinity scarf.  I knew all along I wanted to make something that would be great for gameday or for parties or just to wear during football season.  I felt that socks would not always be seen and sweaters are not my thing (and I would’ve needed a lot more yarn…)  This scarf will go with everything and will show off the great colors in the yarn.



I was sad to read on the Ravelry page that this woman is no longer selling via the internet due to some family issues.  I’m so glad I was able to get some of this yarn and I’m so happy to find the perfect project for it.  You can tell how long it’s been wound as the yarn is all crinkled coming out of the center!  I’m hoping this will be ready to go for football season!!


Cast on and ready to go!

Happy knitting to all this weekend!


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