12 hours in DC

The past few months I have had to do quite a bit of travel for work.  When I can I like to take the opportunity to do a little exploring, especially when I get to go to one of my favorite places – Washington D.C.  Excluding sleep and work time I had about 12 hours and a whole list of things to check out.

I was staying at a Hilton in Rockville, MD which was directly across the street from a Metro station and was very convenient.  I got my Metro card and was off.  First stop was the Tidal Basin to see if any of the cherry blossoms had survived the rainy week but there was not a blossom to be found.  My next stop was the National Air & Space Museum.  I had not been there in many years and I wanted to check out the space shuttle (it was only later in the evening that I remembered the shuttle was at a separate location).  What I did see was a killer show at the planetarium!  After that I headed back to the hotel.

The next day I had my work to do and we got done nice and early which left me an entire afternoon to enjoy the city.  I had scoped out some yarn stores and definitely wanted to check those out but was having a hard time decided what else to do.  In the end when I looked at the map a plan surfaced.  First stop was Looped Yarn Works which is in the DuPont Circle area of DC.  I don’t think I’ve ever had the chance to check out that neighborhood and I loved it!  Very cute little stores and restaurants and lovely old homes.  Looped was on the second floor of a building with a restaurant on the first floor.  It was a small, cozy space.



In the front room there were a few people sitting around knitting, including the rarest knitter – a male!  They had a great selections of yarn, including several different yarns from local spinners.  It was hard to decide what to buy but then I saw this kit which included some local yarn and a very cool pattern that would always remind me of DC!



At some point someone had recommended I check out the Phillips Collection and when I looked at the map I saw it was a few blocks from Looped so that was my next stop.  While not one of the many free museums in DC this little gem is worth the price.  The museum is housed in the home of the original collector, Duncan Phillips.  So there is artwork to check out and architecture.  The original home is beautiful and amazing.  The collection of art is wonderful and contained one of my favorites, Monet.  They are quite strict with the security and bag policy so it’s not a place for inquisitive children.  I think there was less security in the Louvre…

I then headed down towards the White House, another place I had not visited on my last few trips.  But, I had my friend’s son’s Flat Stanley and it seemed like the perfect place for a picture and it was located across from another small museum I wanted to see, the Corcoran Gallery.  Again, this is another museum with a small admission charge but worth it.  It is located in a very old, very cool building and they have a little bit of everything.  It is connected with a design school so there were student exhibits which were very modern and mixed media and they also had classics, including some more Monet and the not to be missed Salon Dore which was brought over from an 18th century hotel in Paris.  I then did a quick walk-by the White House which is always provides some interesting people watching.

The next day I had a flight to catch but wanted to make a few stops on my way to the airport.  First stop was Georgetown Cupcakes (although I went to the Bethesda location).  I tried the flavor of the month – cherry blossom and I had to say but it was okay.  A little dense for me but tasty.  There was quite a line even though I got there when it opened.  My next stop was The Yarn Stop in Silver Spring, MD.  Everyone was very friendly and it was a huge store.  They also had some great local yarns and I, of course, had to pick up some more fabulous yarn.

I crammed a lot of fun into a few short hours but there is always to much to see and do in DC and it made a work trip so much better!

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