Looking for a Mate

Day 2’s topic is to write a dating profile for something we have knit.  I had a few ideas and then checked my project page on Ravelry to see if anything really spoke to this topic and that’s when I saw her – the matryoshka doll I knit this past Christmas so this is her on-line dating profile.

Single Nesting Doll Seeks Mate

I was knit from scraps as a last minute Christmas gift last December.  I stand about 3 inches tall, have brown hair, a green cape and a red dress.  I have small black eyes and permanent smile on my face.  I can hang from your Christmas tree or anywhere else.  This photo was taken right after I came off the needles.



I enjoy hanging around and sharing a smile with all who see me.  I also enjoy meeting other nesting dolls who are made of different materials and I love seeing how many dolls nest inside each one!  I do not like cats and other pets who are a danger to my existence. I have some wool in me so hot water is another thing I avoid.  I’m looking for another nesting doll to hang around with.  Perhaps one with a different color cape and/or dress.  Or another type of doll.  Open to any knitted dolls to want to brighten up their surroundings!

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