Anatomy of a Yarn Bomb

Day 3 – not the hardest post of the week for me but definitely the second hardest.  Today is the photo challenge which encourages those of us who really, really like words to play with photos and do something different.  I have a hard time taking a good, regular picture of my knitting much less to shake it up and get creative.  Slowly, an idea started forming in my head.  This past weekend I finally was able to finish installing my own personal yarn bombing.  Inspired by all the cool projects I’ve seen I wanted to do something at my own house.  This is something my knitting group has had long discussions about – different ideas have been thrown out for each person’s home and included mailboxes, trees and telephone poles.  I had none of those but I did have an ugly, decaying wrought iron gate on my front porch – perfect!  It looked like this:


For the photo challenge I took the finished pictured and divided it into 4 pictures and then gave a very brief explanation of the yarn scraps used for each section so I broke it down and here they are:



Some of the writing is a little hard to read but it will be a reminder to me and it was a great way to stash bust!!  I have to admit that as I neared the end and had cleared out large amounts of random bits of yarn that I had a moment of panic, as if I might run out of yarn.  I’m sure others can understand this and rest easy I will not run out of yarn any time soon!!  Here’s the final product in one picture:



I can’t wait to check out what others have done with today’s challenge – if you see something fun be sure to share it!!

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