A Conversation with the Yarn Swift

Day 4 – Conversation between workers.  Today’s topic asks that we write from the perspective of one of our knitting tools and then imagine a conversation we might have with that tool.  This one is easy – I’ve had several conversations with my yarn swift/ball winder.

I’m a yarn swift and together with my friend, ball winder, I make beautiful balls from skeins of yarn.  Once in a ball the knitter can knit from both ends of the ball by pulling from the center and using the outside if double weight is necessary.  The balls make knitting so much easier as they sit on tables, in bags and on laps without rolling all over the place.  I think every yarn store has one but many knitters like to have one of me at home too, for emergency knitting!!!  I work in conjunction with the ball winder and between the two of us we make a dynamic duo!

Just the other day I had the following conversation with my knitter:

My knitter: I’ve finally decided what to do with that self patterning sock yarn I bought months ago so it’s time to make a ball!

Me: Ok, you know you always have a problem working me.  I hope you’ve improved your technique since the last disaster.

My knitter: I know this time will be different.  One of these times I will get the hang of it.  First I have to get all the ties off and now I’m ready to put spread you out and get the yarn.

Me: This is great yarn – I love the red, white and blue!  I really hope you can get through this whole ball without stopping in the middle.

My knitter: Now I just have to thread it through the ball winder and let’s get this thing going!

Me: I love spinning open and free with pretty yarn twirling around!  Keep it up!!!

My knitter: I did it!!  I did it!!  We made it through that whole skein without me losing it, or otherwise having an issue.  Great job swift and ball winder.  Look how beautiful!!!



Stars and Stripes yarn by Artistic Yarns by Abi on Etsy

Me: She finally did it – I can’t believe it!!  Maybe she will get the hang of me after all!!


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