What’s on My Needles this Weekend?

There are so many projects (an excessive number even for me, a very committed polygamous knitter…) currently on needles that I am really going to have to focus.  It’s one of those periods for me – I can’t knit fast enough and I can’t start enough projects.  Talk to me in six months and there will be nothing to knit.  The WIPs that I remember include: a pair of socks (sock #2 is almost done); a cowl; a wrap; another wrap and the project that I am currently obsessed with and have tossed all other aside for – the Derecho.

I started the Derecho which can be found here on Ravelry a couple of weeks ago when I was finally in town to meet up with my Thursday night knitting group.  Most yarn stores that hold knit nights have an unwritten (and maybe written in some cases) rule that while you are sitting and knitting in the shop you use yarn that was purchased at the shop.  My LYS does not really enforce this rule but I usually try to follow it.  I think it’s the proper thing to do, not that I have not brought in other yarn in a pinch (the week before Christmas or other looming knitting deadline) but I try to do it as often as I can.  Besides, it’s not like I don’t have a ton of yarn and projects that I can work on.  I keep my indie dyes at home and it provides me the variety I seek.  Anyway, I’m working on a Wiggle Wrap using Kauni wool which only has one pattern row but even that was too much for me at knit night so it got crossed off the approved knit night list.  My Whisper Wrap is on another set of needles and I’m using some sale yarn from the store but every row is a pattern row so no go, plus the lace weight yarn is a bit much to deal with while gabbing.  The cowl is some cool indie yarn – see my last What’s on my Needles this Weekend post for more info.  The socks, likewise, are more indie yarn.  This left me with nothing to work on at knit night.

I did a quick inventory of my yarn room and found the next set of Kauni wool I had not been able to refuse.  A couple of ladies from our group had used two balls of Kauni to make the Derecho and I thought they looked great and was yet another great pattern for the beautiful color changes of the Kauni.  It’s also all knit – no pattern rows, nothing.  Just increases in the same place every row.  It’s the perfect pattern for knit night!!  It doesn’t even require any other tools – no measuring tape, no stitch markers.  I love it!  Between the fun construction and the fascinating color changes of the Kauni I can’t put this project down!!  I love the way the shawl is constructed on an angle with two sets of live stitches.  I was also surprised to find some purple in my ball of Kauni which I had thought was the black/grey colorway.  The purple will look great in it!


You can see the purple hiding in the grey ball



Now, I will get back to it and take advantage of this long holiday weekend to see how far I can get!

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