Knitting Nerd

Today I realized that I have, at some point, crossed a line into being a total knitting nerd.  I’m trying to think back and figure out when exactly this happened.  I feel like there are various phases of being a knitter.  Some people knit but are not “knitters” and then there are those of us that become knitting nerds.  For me it was a slow and steady progression through the various phases.  When I first learned to knit I did it mainly alone and just when I had time.  Eventually I decided I wanted to devote more time to knitting so I started going to a sit and knit at my LYS.  That opened my eyes to the larger knitting world – books, magazines, fiber shows, knit-alongs and I ate it all up.  I then discovered knitting blogs and started blogging about knitting myself.  I’ve gone on trips and retreats centered around knitting.  Somehow, the the thought that I was total knitting nerd never occurred to me until this afternoon.  

Why, this afternoon?  Because I was sitting on my front porch working on my yarn bombing project while listening to a knitting podcast.  I finished adjusting the yarn bombing and realized it was a beautiful day with great natural light so I brought out some knitting projects that I needed to photograph and got those pictures taken, also on the front porch while listening to a knitting podcast.  

I had to move on because a friend of mine from my knitting group was coming over to help me assemble some chairs I bought at IKEA this week.  Side note – I have no talent or patience for putting together IKEA furniture and as I was complaining about it after knitting on Thursday my friend said she loved to put together IKEA furniture.  Score!!!  This was my friend had never been to my house.  The highlight of my house tour is my yarn room which I just love.  I could tell she was one of my knitting friends because she stood there and said “oh look how lovely your stash is” and really was admiring it.  When my non-knitting friends come over and find out I have a whole room for my yarn they usually say something like “what are you going to do with all that?”  I have plans, I just need to live a long time to get through all the plans so back off!!!

I’m okay with being a knitting nerd – I’ve learned a ton, met a lot of interesting, amazing people and seen some great places!  And, I got help putting together my IKEA furniture which is a total bonus if you ask me!

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