The Annual Rummage Sale Post

Yes, it’s that time of year – the annual church rummage sale.  You can read all about my feelings regarding the rummage sale here in the post I wrote last year.  Each rummage sale comes with it’s own special stories.  This year’s begin the first night of sorting, Monday.  I was told someone had dropped off a number of bags.  It was clear this person had spent many years working the craft show circles.  It was also clear it was the table of the weird crochet cozies.  Each item we pulled out of those bags was stranger than the next.  It was so sad.  I had such mixed feelings.  The items were so ugly but someone had really liked them and I know had spent a lot of time working on them but I’m just never going to need a Comet cozie, especially with the original can of Comet still in it…  To help, here are some pictures of some of the more entertaining items.

There were also several needlepoint on plastic items and the last and most special items was this “candle” 20140602_204351 Yes, those are styrofoam egg carton.  Clearly into upcycling before upcycling was a thing.  With all of these crazy yarn craft I could hardly wait for the random bag of yarn.  I worked the craft supply section on Monday night  and did not find much.  After that I got stuck in the Christmasland.  We had so much Christmas stuff this year (well, actually just so much stuff this year…) that I never really made it out of there.  On Wednesday night as we were getting ready to leave my friend said “oh, I have a bag of yarn for you”.  And, so it had shown up… I held my breath and opened the bag and what to my great surprise do I see but 9 skeins of Cascade 220, an entire (unopened) bag containing 10 skeins of Debbie Bliss Glen, 3 skeins of random sock yarn and that’s just the “cheap stuff”.  Also in this bag was a brand new (again unopened) MaggiKnits Trellis Scarf kit and 6 skeins of Zealana Tui yarn which I had never even heard of.  Despite being beyond exhausted I took the bag and came home to immediately look up the Tui yarn because the price tag on it was really high, which it should be because it’s merino, cashmere and possum and made in New Zealand.  Check it out – it is a beautiful yarn.  Clearly the person that dropped of the bag had no idea how much all the yarn inside was worth and lucky for me and the yarn we found it before we set it out to the wolves and someone tried to talk us down from $1 to $0.50 for it.  The yarn has a happy, yarn friendly home.  I could hardly wait to cast it on because I had just the project for that merino! The actual sale went well and is finally over.  We went out to dinner after we cleaned up everything today.  I was talking about my socks that I have been knitting and my friends all decided those would be the crazy craft items that show up in a rummage sale 40 years from now.  I certainly hope not – I might have to include the socks in my will now!  I got home around 8:30 which is the earliest I’ve been home this week (I did take Thursday night off to go to my knitting group and show off my rummage sale finds…).  I told my mom I was not leaving my house tomorrow as there are a number of things that need to be done.  And then I said that I might need to run out for a pair of needles for a new project (for the yummy merino yarn!!).  To which she suggested that I only pick projects that require needles I already have which sounded like complete crazy talk to me.  I can’t limit myself to the tons of needles I already own!!

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