For the past few months I’ve noticed this hashtag movement on Twitter in the knitting circles.  I was a bit curious as to who/what was behind this idea.  And, since I had been knitting socks as if I were running around barefoot I thought I might need to get in on it.  Two things happened that really pushed me to investigate further.  First, my church decided to have an art fair this summer and my parents keep asking if I will enter something I have knit.  Second, I got a new phone and figured out how to download and listen to podcasts on it.  And here’s the story of how these two things got me moving.

When the art fair was first mentioned I think my parents were thinking of one of the many shawls I have knit.  I thought of #operationsockdrawer. As I’ve been seeing the tags on Twitter I’ve been keeping my hand knit socks in a special section of one of my sock drawers and thought that would make a great entry in the art fair.  What could be more colorful and fun than a drawer full of hand knit socks?  I then decided I needed to find the origins of this and could also get a good blog post out of the whole thing.  Bonus!

My next step was to Google #operationsockdrawer to see what info I could find.  That is when I stumbled across the Knitmore Girls Podcast.  I was already following Jasmin on Twitter and I’m not really sure how or why I started following her as I did not know about the podcast.  I found Episode 247 of the podcast seemed to be the first mention.  This is where the new phone enters the picture.  I know a few of the ladies in my knitting group are devoted podcast listeners but I had never quite figured out how to download them to my phone or other listening device.  My new phone seems to have many amazing features and with the popularity of podcast I figured listening to those had to be one.  I had a work road trip planned and decided to try out one episode to see how it worked and to see if I liked it.  I started with Episode 247 and it was wonderful! First I have to say that I really enjoy listening to Jasmin and Gigi – they are very well spoken and provide tons of really good information.  It felt like I was at one of my knitting groups except I was driving and not knitting which was kind of sad.  I was not surprised to hear the idea of #operationsockdrawer came from a picture that the wonderful Susan B. Anderson had posted on Instagram.  It was a picture of her sock drawer and it was amazing!!  Everyone should have a sock drawer that looks like that!  The goal is just to up the fun and variety of your sock drawer and I’m totally on board with that.  Plus, I have found that it is always a good idea to have a pair of socks on your needles because you never know when you might need a compact, easy to knit project.  And it’s a great way to use all that wonderful indie dyed yarn you can find on Etsy!

The art fair starts June 12th and I had one last pair to get off my needles and in my “drawer”.   I got those done and just dropped off my drawer.  This is a picture of what it was going to look like:

IMG_1930 IMG_1934

I ended up changing the “drawer” at the last minute to something a little bigger so more of the socks could be seen.  The watermelon, red white & blue and gingerbread (pink and brown) socks are all yarn from Artistic Yarns by Abi – I’ve sang her praises in many blog posts.  The rainbow socks are from Lollipop yarn.  The candy corn yarn is from Knitterly Things (sadly the orange ran a bit when I washed them – they were extra cute when that was white 😦 )  The scarlet and grey socks are a yarn I bought in Seattle.  And the two pink/purple pairs are sock yarns I bought when I first started sock knitting.  The stripped pink/blue/purple pair was the first pair of socks I knit.  They almost were never finished because I started with 2 at a time on circular needles and that nearly killed me.

I’ve got some fun, new yarns waiting to be socks so I can’t wait to add to my sock drawer!


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