What’s on My Needles This Weekend

Happy Summer Solstice!  I feel it’s a bittersweet day – yes, it’s the longest day of the year but I know from here on out they only get shorter.  I find the Winter Solstice much more of an occasion to celebrate because, finally, the days will start getting longer.  I was looking through my archives tonight and have found that I’ve been able to keep up with this feature about once a month and I think that’s pretty darn good!

This weekend I’m trying to finish my Welted Cowl (which I discuss in detail in April’s What’s on My Needles This Weekend).  It had been tossed aside for a few weeks as I started more new projects, mostly prompted by my rummage sale yarn finds.  On Wednesday we had some severe storms go through and I live in an area where it’s almost a guarantee we will lose power during a storm and so it went.  It was out until about 3am so I was forced to knit by candlelight.  And, what better project to work on by candlelight than the Welted Cowl?  All you have to do is knit or purl in a circle.  Candles actually provide a surprising amount of light!



I’m on the last edge and only have about 15 more rows to knit so pretty soon this will cross the line over to finished project world!

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