Everyone Loves A Trunk Show

A few weeks ago at knitting we were talking about how our LYS had not had a Destination Yarns trunk show lately.  We all love the yarn but we knew the dyer, Jeanne, had had a few kids and we hoped she would be back soon.  As if the knitting gods were listening to us a couple of days later I saw on Twitter that a trunk show was scheduled for July 26!!  We were all quite excited, at least those of us without prior plans for today.

I should take a step back.  A few years ago (I can’t remember how many) I was first introduced to Destination Yarn.  It was at a trunk show at the shop and I could not believe there was someone else combining a love for travel with a love knitting.  The really cool thing (and what I can’t get enough of) is that most of Jeanne’s yarns are named after places and cities where she has travelled.  Some are quite literal – one of my first purchases was National Cherry Blossom festival, it was all the pink, brown and white I had seen in DC.  And some are more about the feeling of the city, kind of like Paris which I bought today.  It’s all purple and magenta and I think of the magic of the streets of Paris when I see it.

I think my friend Gail said it best today when she said that she feels that these yarns are like baseball cards – she just wants to collect them all.  I agree.  Currently in my stash I have Chartres, most of a skein of Fallen Leaves and almost a whole skein of Olympic Games which I think she had around the 2010 games maybe.  Today I bought Paris because, well, why didn’t I already own that??  I also bought America the Beautiful which is a gorgeous rainbow yarn.  I think that will be Christmas presents for my 11 year old twin goddaughters.  And, I could not pass up one of her new creations, Campfire, she could not have picked a better name for it.  Here are some pictures from today’s show.

You can check Jeanne’s Etsy page here.  And, now, if I could only find more time to knit all of this amazing yarn!

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