What’s on my Needles This Weekend

I’ve been trying to post once a month what’s on my needles but I think July flew by without a post.  While I have a plethora of projects on my needles, all over my house, I’ve been on a hat kick lately.  It started last week when a friend asked if I could donate a couple of hats to a fundraiser she was planning.  I put a few pictures on Facebook and from that got another request.  A friend wants a hat for her 3 year old son and her only request was that the hat have ear flaps.  I spent time perusing Ravelry last night.  There are so few patterns for cute boy hats.  I then found a pattern for a sock monkey hat, complete with ear flaps!  This pattern is from the amazing Melody’s Makings – she has some wonderful hat patterns!

I gathered some supplies.  I knew I had just the right yarn and it was part of the rummage sale bag that I got this year which was full of some great yarn.  Cascade 220 is great for just about any project and makes for a nice, warm hat.


I made up the hat for the size 1-3 years old and it came out like this:


I think it is probably a little small for a 3 year old so tonight I have another one on my needles, this time the next size up which is for 3-10 years old.  So, this is what lies ahead for me tonight:


I’m hoping to get it done so I can start on the monkey ears, flaps and face.  My plan is to watch a marathon of Naked & Afraid on the DVR, whip out this hat and check out the super moon later tonight.  Happy knitting all!

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