It’s Knitting Season

It has been unseasonably cool in my little part of the world this week (well, actually, all summer…).  This morning I had to break out the space heater to avoid turning on the furnace.  I knew it would happen – I got central air this year and have used it twice, maybe three times.  All that aside, the chill in the air indicates the start of knitting season!

This got me thinking about the difference between summer and winter knitting.  There are those (my mother included) who believe knitting is a winter activity.  Even she broke out the yarn and needles this week when the temperatures dropped.  Me and my knitting group we knit year round.  This summer we did something a little different.  Instead of meeting up at the yarn store we headed to the great outdoors to soak up some sun and enjoy the season.  We took our knitting to the beach, to the park and to the riverside.  We saw music concerts, dance concerts and an awesome light show/art installation and we ate a lot of food!  We had our knitting and we got a few rows in but it was really more about experiencing summer and we did it this year!  That’s one of the many beauties of knitting – it goes wherever you go.

When I do knit in the summer I tend to work on socks and some hats.  This summer I’ve also been working on few Frozen dolls (more on those in another post…)  All of these are smaller projects that don’t lay all over my lap and make me hot.  It’s a great time of year to use some lovely cottons and other lighter fibers and there are plenty of fun projects that are small and summer friendly.

As the kids start heading back to school and the temperatures drop I first start thinking of Christmas knitting.  I know, I know it’s still months away but I always think if I plan ahead I won’t be knitting at midnight on Christmas eve.  I’m almost always wrong but you never know!  I don’t do a lot of Christmas knitting.  It just becomes too stressful and I put too much pressure on myself.  What I like to do it think of a couple of people I would like to knit for and then focus on those projects.  If I get them done and have some extra time I can add something else to the list.  Last year I knit slippers for my cousin and her daughters and it was really fun.  This year I have a project started that was going to be for me but I think will end up being a gift for someone who really admired it when I shared a picture.  I also have one other project in mind and it is also started so I just need to get it in gear and finish them up!  After I get past the Christmas knitting (and the holiday season, in general) I turn back to some of my heavier, woollier projects.  I reached for my wiggle wrap (Kauni wool) when I left for knitting on Thursday morning.  Many of those projects have been hanging in the UFO corner of my yarn room.  They are really looking forward to January. 

Do the seasons affect the type or amount of knitting you do?  It’s something to ponder.  So, while I sit curled up under a blanket, losing daylight at a rapid pace and seeing a few random leaves starting to change colors I declare knitting season open!


2 thoughts on “It’s Knitting Season

  1. The season will influence my choice of pattern and possibly the colours I choose but the weather is not that hot here so knitting is an all year around activity. i knit outside in the summer, at the park, beach etc (but only in the summer!) A very thought provoking post. Thanks. x


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