What’s on My Needles This Weekend

I should narrow this topic and call it “what I’m obsessed with this weekend” because there is always a pile of projects on many, many needles.  Thursday I broke a rule I had managed to stick to all summer – don’t start anything new until I clean out the UFO area of the yarn room.  How did this happen?  To answer we have to go back to Thursday night.

I felt like it was the first day back to school at knit night.  As I mentioned, we took advantage of the summer weather and knit everywhere but inside.  So, even thought it was unseasonably warm on Thursday we headed back to our LYS.  This was prompted mostly by the e-mails and Facebook posts of the all the wonderful fall yarns which were coming in daily.  Not much knitting was going to get done because there was also a plethora of new magazines and books to peruse.  I became obsessed with the Colorblocked Poncho in Vogue Knitting.  This coincided with my obsession with the new chunky MadTosh that had come in.  Now, an entire poncho out of MadTosh would be amazing but completely bank breaking.  Ah, the beauty of color blocking.  I set off to find a more reasonably priced bulky yarn for the two larger portions and decided to then pick out a MadTosh for the center stripe.  I found Encore, a good old stand-by, it’s like the yarn that never lets you down.  It’s a nice, reasonably priced yarn that comes in many colors and weights.  I chose black and gray and then picked out Optic for the center stripe.  If you have not seen it, it is amazing!  A cream base with splotches of gray, black and a few other colors here and there.  It’s perfect!!!

I needed needles so I decided to go ahead and cast on right there.  I was making the comment that I hope I finish it in time to wear it this fall.  Everyone pointed out that it was being knit on size 13s in bulky weight yarn so it should be done by next week.  Still I doubted but now I’m taking it as a personal challenge.  I started Thursday and ended up having to rip out a because I had done the increases correctly.  It looked like this:


I worked on it last night and most of today and am not quite halfway done:


I couldn’t believe I had finally cracked on starting something new when I already have so much that I want to start and keep stopping myself.  But, sometimes when something is just screaming your name I think you have to give in and knit it.  I knew if I just bought the magazine and added it to my library I would never actually make the poncho so I threw caution to the wind and cast it on.  Now, if I can surprise everyone and actually finish before next Thursday I won’t even have the guilt of adding it to the UFO corner!!


2 thoughts on “What’s on My Needles This Weekend

    • Thanks for the comment! I finished last night and can’t wait to wear it. I love that it is designed to fit anyone. I was worried but with the top down I was able to check along the way and the fit is great!

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