The Hat

I recently was invited to a baby shower and on the invitation it asked guests to help start baby’s library by bringing a book instead of a card.  I loved this idea.  The Mom-to-be is someone who I really got to know through knitting.  She crochets and had started a group at her house to knit chemo caps which she donated to a local hospital. I’m always the only knitter at these gatherings but we all co-exist.  Because of this connection I knew I would also have to knit a hat and I really wanted a book that featured a knit hat so I could make my own gift set.  I asked a few of my librarian friends and browsed the bookstore.  I settled on the book The Hat by Jan Brett.



The story is about a little hedgehog who takes a sock from a child’s clothesline and wears it as a hat.  The hat looks like this:

20140917_212903 20140917_212842


What I decided to do was knit a hat loosely based on Hedgie’s sock hat.  I started with a white brim and then did one block of snowflakes around.  To really add the sock idea into the hat I used a standard toe decrease in white (like on Hedgie’s) on the hat instead of a usual hat decrease.  I then did a 3 needle bind off.  I think it turned out pretty good considering I was making it up as I went along!

20140918_172500 20140918_172520

Side note to this whole project – I got done with the snowflake pattern and ran out of white.   Sadly, my LYS was out of the true white and the white I bought elsewhere did not exactly match.  I was debating whether of not to put a red stripe in and then start with the other white thinking it would break it up and not be as obvious.  As I was saying this our friend who works at the store walked by and said “No”!  I ended up finding the yarn online and am happy that Jimmy Beans was able to get me the yarn in time to finish the hat.  In the end this was my little gift box (I was able to recycle the box and I used yarn as the bow!)


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