It’s been a busy few weeks during which I seem to have been afflicted with a case of tendinitis in my right thumb/wrist.  It came on quite suddenly and has me most frustrated.  Even typing this post is difficult.  I did a little research and was hoping to find some useful tips to share but the most popular suggestion was to put the knitting down for a few days.  I did find a group on Ravelry of knitters suffering from various arm problems.  A number of people suggested the Knitting Aid but a quick look at that did not really speak to me.  I’m wearing a brace and trying to find other things to do while this resolves.  So, I’m going to block my Wiggle Wrap which is finally done!!  And, maybe I’ll work on organizing my stash…  I had some fun yarn adventures in Asheville, NC last week so I’m hoping I can get those typed up soon too!  If anyone has any suggestions for this condition, leave me a comment!

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