December Yarn

This month’s yarn has a little holiday sparkle in it!  It also has a very wintery feel to it with all the blues.  We also got a custom made bar of soap from Stem – a local soap making company.  I can’t share the smell but it’s wonderful!  The inspiration area is Playhouse Square/Downtown.

20141213_123845 20141213_123922

What, I’m sure most people outside of Cleveland don’t know, is that Playhouse Square is the 2nd largest theater complex in the U.S., behind only Lincoln Center in New York.  The theaters have all been restored and host a wide variety of events.  The most recent addition in the area is a giant chandelier which is quite the conversation starter.  Many love it, I fall on the other side and am not the biggest fan.

I think the color choice for this area are interesting.  I’m not really sure I feel the blues and purples from the area.  The sparkle is perfect for the theater district.  I love the deep blues and purple this month and it is so very different from the previous months.  It reminds me of the sky right after sunset before it turns completely black.

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