What’s on My Needles This Weekend?

I have spent most of the month working on Christmas knitting and a couple of orders that needed to get done.  So, as I got ready to go knitting on Thursday I realized I needed to find something to take with me.  I’ve been wanting to reorganize my yarn shelves but am waiting for a snowy weekend to get that done.  But, I was able to take the first step on Thursday.  I cleaned up the UFO corner.  It seemed that my UFOs were multiplying on their own in the corner.  They were also combining with half-emptied project bags that had been thrown over there once the project was completed.  I found a lot of projects I had forgot about, a lot of “missing” needles and a lot of yarn that needs to be incorporated in the yarn shelves.  It felt good.

One of the projects I found were a pair of socks I started over the summer.  The pattern is Socks for Euni which is a free Ravelry download.  The yarn is Regia Fluormania in the coral/aqua colorway.  We got this yarn in awhile back and for whatever reason I was drawn to this colorway, not my usual colors.  I had just finished a number of plain socks and was looking for a little something different to knit in socks and found this pattern while searching Ravelry.  It’s a right twist pattern and that stitch is not that hard but I was having a really hard time with it.  The pattern calls for the socks to be knit on two circular needles which I hate so I working on dpns.  However, I’m definitely making this harder than it needs/should be.  Anyway, the socks got tossed aside because I felt like I was making no progress and I had other things that needed to get done.  I was thrilled to find them as I had a work seminar the next day and socks are the best to knit under the table and I didn’t want to cast on a new pair.  Here’s how they look:

I took them to knitting Thursday night and they were so easy to knit!  I’m not sure what happened while they were in time out but all of a sudden the pattern made total sense and they seem to be flying along now.  The random short stripes of aqua in all the coral make me a little crazy but I’m sure I’ll get over it.  Otherwise, it should be heel turning time soon!

Before I close, I want to send a special hats off to my friend at Wool Forward who completed her own 30 hats in 30 days challenge last week!  Check out her blog to see the 30 amazing hats she created!!

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