Looking Back/Looking Ahead

Ah, year end – time to take a look back and think about the coming new year.  First, Christmas knitting – I did almost none this year and what I did do, I did not photograph because they were out the door as they were finished.  I made a couple of these Scandinavian Santas and they turned out really cute.  It’s a great, quick project and they knit up in just a couple of hours using yarn from my stash.  I also ended up gifting my Wiggle Wrap which I think I’ve blogged about.  I had posted a picture on Facebook of it in progress and my cousin really liked it so I decided to surprise him and send it to him for Christmas.  He was very surprised and really happy so that was nice.

Wiggle wrap - mid blocking

Wiggle wrap – mid blocking

The most exciting thing about the Wiggle Wrap was I actually blocked it and as you can see in the picture it made a huge difference.  I’m not a huge fan of blocking but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet.

I looked back to my 2014 New Year post to see how I did on the goals I set and I did pretty.  I did yarn bomb my iron railing and it looks great.  I’ve left it up and will probably flip it in the spring so it looks fresh again.  I also did well with my blogging.  I was pretty much faithful to the What’s on My Needles once a month and added the Yarn Club posts once a month.

I did not do much with developing new hats and I’ve been debating which direction to go in with that but more on that later.  I also did nothing with my awesome puzzle piece pattern but maybe next year.

I have lots of thoughts floating around my head for next year.  I went out and got a calendar system to attempt to organize me a bit more.  I’ve made a list of all the knitting projects I know I need to get done – gifts, etc.  I made another list of projects to work on for the blog and selling knitting.  It’s nice to have everything listed out in one place so when I have time to work on something I can check the project list and get working.  The biggest challenge will be making the time to get it all done – I need more hours in the day!

Happy knitting and happy travels to all in 2015!

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