Flower Power

Last night my friend (Woolforward – check her out) posted a blog post about a flower power project in Australia.  You can read the post here.  It sounds like an amazing project and I have a soft spot for all things Australian after spending 3 weeks down under about 7 years ago.  The thing that is holding me back on this one is the idea of “free form”.  I like following a pattern so this will be an outside the box challenge for me.

Flowers seem to be all the fiber art rage right now.  The folks behind Pittsburgh’s Knit the Bridge are planning their next project and it’s called Pop des Fleus.  They are also seeking knitted and crocheted flowers for a public art display that will be put up in 2016.  They have specific requirements for the flowers they are looking for.  All the information can be found on their website – http://www.popdesfleurs.com/.

On these cold, gray winter days knitting a few brightly colored flowers sounds like the best therapy around – I’m off to check my stash and see what I can put together!

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