Finished Object of the Month

Trying a new feature this year – featuring a finished project each month.  Fingers crossed I finish something each month…  So, without further delay, this’s month’s project is….  The Guernsey Wrap!!!!!


It needs just a touch of blocking but I usually use my futon to block on and it’s covered in a mix of Christmas decorations and stuff that needs to be stored in my attic so as soon as I dig it out I will block this.  It turned out so amazing!!  I love it!!  I did a prior post about the yarn and pattern – you can read it here.

The Zealania Tui was amazing to knit with and is so warm and snuggly.  This project helped improve my chart reading skills.  I’m not much of a visual learner and would prefer to read and write words, not pictures so charts are sometimes a challenge for me.  The other interesting thing about this pattern was that it called for a sewn bind off.  I had to do a little research to find a tutorial.  I always find the ones on to be really helpful, especially because I do prefer the written instructions as opposed to videos which I find hard to watch and do the technique at the same time.  The sewn bind off is a little kitchner like in it’s rhythm but with only one row of stitches, not two and not even remotely as painful as the kitchner.  It comes out looking just like the long tail cast on edge.  I had to mark the cast on edge to tell the difference.


Long tail cast on edge


Sewn bind off edge

I would definitely use the sewn bind off again, especially for something that needs loose bind off – it worked great!  I’m so glad I got this done and we still have plenty of winter left during which it will gets tons of use!


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