What’s on My Needles This Weekend?

I’m a little late with this post due to a quick trip to warmer weather (more on that later!) but this weekend I’ve been obsessed with attempting to catch up and finish my Ysolda KAL – Follow Your Arrow 2.  It has been a mystery knit-a-long and the first clue was released on January 19.  It’s been really fun!  Each week there are 2 different clues and you pick which clue to do next so there are many different combinations.  It looked so fun one of my knitting friends, we’ll call her C, decided to do one too.  Each week we text to find out which clue we have each chosen.  So far, we’ve always chosen the same clue and you know why?  It’s the only one we understand!  Ysolda uses some really interesting stitches in the clues and if I didn’t understand them on the read through I knew they would not go well in the actual knitting.  My favorite section was clue 3 that has these cool smock stitches.


I think these would be cool on a hat and might play around with that when I have some extra time (not sure when that will be but it’s going on the list 🙂 )

I was not able to take it with me on my trip as it does make for good plane knitting so I ended up being a clue behind and since it’s a shawl it’s been growing each week but I have 4 rows left to fingers crossed it will be my finished object of the month before the end of the week!  Here’s a peak of it now!


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