What a Difference a Weekend Makes!

So, last week I shared my February finished object but it need some blocking.  I took it into knit night and talked it over with the group.  It was decided I definitely needed blocking wires, lucky for me they had some in stock!  I looked up some tutorials on the internet.  I found this post on Craftsy.com which went step by step of using blocking wires.  My plan was to lay it out on my mostly unused futon in the craft room.  My first step was to soak it.


This step is a little scary – putting all that wool into water, even cold water made me nervous.  It does not soothe the nerves when you pull it out and it smells like wet wool.  It had been suggested to me that I wrap the wet shawl in a towel and then ring it out (helps avoid any accidental felting) so I carefully wrapped and wrung it out.  And then I headed upstairs and spread it out, it was already bigger!


That top edge was completely rolled over and as you can see the bottom “points” were all sorts of different shapes!  The thing I did not count on was how hard it was to stick pins through the futon mattress.  I thought it would be a perfect spot and the pins would go right through but not so much so I was not able to use the pins as well as I might have liked.

20150228_123423  20150228_123526

But what a difference those wires made – look actual points!!!  It took about 24 hours for it to dry completely and I was nervous that it would shrink back up once I removed the wires but it held the shape and even the curled over top edging is now nice and straight and you can see all the different stitch patterns that were used in completing it.

20150301_094521  20150301_094540

I can’t wait for it to warm up so I can wear it!!

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