This week’s prompt in the LoveYourBlog challenge is: beginnings.  When I read it I thought beginnings of what???  Ah, that’s the point – it was a long (and lovely) Easter weekend and I’m a bit sleep deprived after spending is with my best friend and her four children.  And, then I thought it was ironic that I had just got back from said holiday weekend because two of the four children I was with were the impetus for me learning to knit.  So, it looks like this post is about how I began knitting.

My best friend and I have been friends since high school which is more years ago then we care to remember these days.  We could not have chosen more different life paths if we tried.  She is a stay-at-home mom of 4 and I’m a single career girl who has nothing that depends on me for food or water (because I can’t guarantee either of those will be available on a regular basis) but somehow we’ve managed to stay friend across the years, miles and life paths.  12 years ago she called me one afternoon and I had very exciting news to share – I had bought a new mattress!!  She also had news – she was expecting twins!  Lost that one…  She had a son who was almost two and we found out that the twins were two girls and before they even arrived she asked me to be Abby’s godmother.  At that point, for reasons unclear to me, I felt this weird need to knit for the girls.  I had never picked up a needle and my mother did not knit.  My grandma and aunt crocheted and had attempted to teach me but that was a failure.

As luck would have it a yarn store was opening across the street from my apartment so I signed up for Knitting 101.  It was a struggle – I’m a classic type A so just going with it was not really working for me.  I needed to know exactly how it was working and why it was not falling apart and boy, oh boy was I a tight knitter.  I wrapped those stitches around the needle as if their life depended upon it.  My instructor was fairly certain I would never really become a knitter for obvious reasons.  This was 2003 and pre-Ravelry so I got a Stitch N Bitch book and took classes to learning new things.  I do remember my instructor telling us that we should take a picture of everything we knit and start an album and write down what type of yarn it is and who we gave it to so we could remember (a little ahead of her time with that idea!).

I think my first project for the girls were Santa hats.  It was a class being offered through the yarn store.  Anything circular I feel is a tough first project and those first hats were awful – they had gaping holes where I was not holding gauge around the needles and where stitches dropped off.  I did a search for pictures and found none but I did find these two.  The first one is of my very first scarf and the second one is of the girls in their second set of Santa hats that they got when they outgrew the first set (sorry for the blurred faces but they’re not my kids so I like to respect privacy)

EPSON MFP imageIM000006.JPG

Happily the second set came out much better and if you could see their faces you would know they loved them (those cute girls will be 12 in July, I still can’t believe it)!  I have this picture hanging up in my house.

When I was still a relatively new knitter (I had been knitting about a year) I hosted a baby shower for a friend.  I took a bootie class at the yarn store and carefully made a pair of booties for my friend.  She opened them and loved them and I was so pleased with myself.  And then, about 3 gifts later she opened the gift from her mother.  I had not met her mother before as she lived in Alaska so I did not know her mom was a lifelong, very talented knitter.  When my friend held up the matching baptism gown and blanket in a feather and fan pattern – all I could think is hide those hideous booties!!!  But, her mom was so kind and said very nice things about them and mailed me the feather and fan pattern when she got home.  I still have not tackled that – it’s a lot of counting for me!

These are some of stories I remember best about my knitting beginnings and boy did writing this bring back some memories.  I can’t wait to see what other beginnings everyone else explores!

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