A Moment of Silence

If you’ve followed this blog for awhile now you will know that June usually brings the Annual Rummage Sale post (those are not to be missed 🙂 )  From those posts, you will know that I hate the rummage sale for a multitude of reasons.  This year we had the brilliant idea that one sale was just not enough so we are in the middle of a clothing only sale this weekend.  June will be saved for all the other treasures that are not for wearing.  Due to day job responsibilities and a slight (but ever so annoying) head cold I did not make it up to the sale until this afternoon.  As usual there was so much stuff!!!

When I got there they showed me an entire box of hand knit items to ask my opinion.  And, this my fiber friends, is where we must take a moment of silence for the lovely hand knits that were not lovingly tossed aside at the church rummage sale.

(***moment of silence***)

Now, what was in that box???  First, a Wiggle Wrap – made from Kauni in the rainbow and grey colorways (I almost stuffed that in my bag)!!  I suffered endlessly through my Wiggle Wrap and never thought it would end and then gave it away as a Christmas gift.  Second, a Modern Quilt Wrap made from Kidsilk Haze.  I never personally made one of these but when I first starting going to knit night several of the ladies had paired up and were yarn sharing to make one.  At first, I was kind of sad that I did not have a partner and was not partaking but after all the whining and moaning involved the making of the wrap I was happy that I did not get to join in.  A few of my friends still cringe when they hear the words “kidsilk haze”.  Anyway, it’s a beautiful wrap and super fuzzy with all that mohair.  Next fun item was a Wingspan.  I could not quite identify the yarn but it was definitely high quality.  There was also another large wrap that was pretty basic and a couple of smaller shawls or shawlettes and a loose open cardigan tee that looked to be made out of a rayon/cotton/linen something.  There were two small sweaters, one was definitely hand-knit and the other was probably hand-knit but it was hard to tell.  Whoever wore them was very petite.

I will say that nothing will make you feel like more of a knitting nerd than standing at a rummage sale while people hold up hand knits and you identify the pattern and the yarn and then talk about the one you knit.  My friends asked why these ended up at the rummage sale and my only guess is that the poor knitter who belonged to the items had left this world and whoever was in charge of getting rid of things just threw these in with everything else without regard to their origins.  If this is the case, whoever had knit the items was knitting right up to the end because they were relatively new patterns and yarns and quite up to date in the knitting fashion world.

These hand knit items were lucky that my friends know and appreciate beautiful crafting.  They had pulled them out and waited for an “expert” to arrive and assess.  In the end, they will be used in raffle prize baskets and hopefully go on to live long and fruitful lives with new owners.

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