#LoveYourBlog Week 3 challenge – Ugly

Wow, this was a tough one and I’ve been playing around with it in my head for awhile since I read A Playful’s Day weekly post. And here’s where my head went with it – there’s nothing ugly about knitting, I find there is beauty even in less than perfect knitting.  So, the question became how to incorporate a challenge about ugly into a blog about knitting.

Here’s the thing – so often now our world and the events in it are very ugly.  I was reading Twitter posts by the singer Pink last night where she was calling out the trolls who were making comments about her weight.  Anytime you read comments on public stories you see the ugliest side of humanity.  It becomes overwhelming.  Knitting brings beauty to my world and helps erase the ugliness I observe on a daily basis.  Yarn is beautiful in so many ways – the color, the feel, and sometimes even the smell of new yarn makes me so happy.  And, then you have your needles and while we all have our “work” needles, we also all have needles we have splurged on which are beautiful.  To think, we take that yarn and those needles and make something out of it is so awesome.  While I’m knitting I can forget about what I had to deal with during my day job, I can forget about what I saw on the evening news, I can just forget about the ugly and be submerged into a world of beauty.

Our world needs a whole lot more beauty in it and if I contribute, even on some minuscule level, then I’ve accomplished something.

5 thoughts on “#LoveYourBlog Week 3 challenge – Ugly

  1. I totally hear you. In my job (I’m a public defencer) I see ugly all day, and I originally starting knitting again fifteen years ago as a way to create a little beauty in my day. I’ve knit while waiting for cases to be called, while waiting for verdicts, and of course, when I’m not at work – and just the feel of yarn in my hands gives me a sense of serentiy in the midst of whatever not so pretty business is going on around me. Great post!


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