#LoveYourBlog – Week 4

A Playful Day

So, we’ve made it to Week 4 of A Playful Day’s love your blog challenge.  And, I’m happy to report she went easy on us this week – the topic is Gratitude.  I’m sure I could write a million posts on the topic and I can’t wait to see what everyone else is writing about – should be fun!

The first thing I thought about was an article that talked about how writing down at least one thing you are grateful for each day does wonders for one’s mental health so I did that for a year.  It is an interesting exercise.  I’ve been lucky enough to travel to El Salvador on two occasions and each time I’ve come home more grateful than ever.  I would think about that trip when, at the end of a long day, I would struggle to come up with one thing I was grateful for.  The people I’ve met in El Salvador are so happy, and so grateful and have so much less than anyone I know here in the States.  The mere fact that I was lucky enough to be born in a 1st world country should make me grateful everyday.

These thoughts led me to think how grateful I am to be in a position to enjoy knitting as a hobby.  There are two separate ideas to look at closer.  First, let’s face it – knitting is not an overly affordable hobby.  I mean, there are ways to make it more affordable but good yarn is expensive, there are always needles to buy and books, patterns, etc.  I’ve warned my parents that if something happens to me they need to call my knitting peeps to deal with the room of yarn and needles in my house because there’s some serious investments back there.  Oh, but all the yarn is so pretty and shiny and cuddly…  I honestly do not know if I would be as interesting in knitting if my shopping was limited to box store yarns.  I’m so drawn in by the texture and feel of the yarn and all the beautiful colors.  You miss all of that if you are limited in yarn choices.

Second, I enjoy knitting as a HOBBY.  No one is forcing me to knit for pennies a day in a sweatshop in Asia or Central America somewhere.  I’m doing it because I like it and most of what I make, no one actually needs.  Again, hand knit socks are lovely but definitely not a necessity in life.

Not only, do I have the time and resources to enjoy actual knitting as a hobby, I also have the time and means to partake in love your blog weeks.  This means I have a reliable internet connection and an education which allows me to write with some level of competence (a fact that never ceases to amaze my Mother, who paid for said education including 12 years at Catholic school…)  These are all things for which to be grateful.

All of this got me thinking more and more about my gratitude log so I managed to find it.  The year was 2013 and it was super interesting to read back.  There were 30 (I realize this should be out of 365 but there were about 3 weeks in July when I was in Europe that I did not keep up – heck I was grateful everyday for being in Europe for 3 weeks so we’ll say 344) entries that related to knitting – either finishing a project, hanging with my knitting peeps or just having a day to knit.  That was pretty high up as being one of the most repeated entries.  Reading it today I realize I did not have much variety in posts.  I believe, second to knitting was working at home and also just a generic “great day” (really, because 2 years later I have no idea what happened that day but I’m certainly glad it was great). Clearly, not my most creative endeavor.  But, some of the entries really did bring back some good memories so I got it right some days.  In my defense, I would do it right before I went to bed and some night you’re just more tired than other nights.

At the end of this challenge (and post) I would like to express my gratitude to Kate at A Playful Day for organizing this.  I’ve been happy to connect with her and with the other blogs I’ve discovered during the month.  And, gratitude for whoever is reading this.  When Kate first posted the challenge several commenters were asking if blogging was dead and wondering if anyone is out there reading.  I’ve had some traffic with these posts so thank you for reading!

One thought on “#LoveYourBlog – Week 4

  1. So interesting to read this! I have definitely thought about how I have enough disposable income to buy knitting materials, and how I can afford to take the time/money to knit myself pretty things rather than buy the cheap versions at the big box stores (though I do that too, sometimes), and how knitting has historically been hard labor for a lot of women. It sure is humbling to think about the privilege that goes into this position, and I’m grateful, too.


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