April’s Finished Objects (yes, plural!)

Wow – 2 finished objects this month!!  I’m so impressed with myself.  The first was a pieces which was commissioned by a friend.  She requested a spring infinity scarf in a light blue color.  This was an easy knit and the colors in the yarn really made the project pop.

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Project #2 is thanks to #the100dayproject.  If you have not seen/heard about this on Twitter or Instagram check it out.  It started a few weeks ago and those participating have committed to creating for 100 days and posting a picture each day on Instagram using the above hashtag and creating a unique hashtag for your project.  Knitting was an obvious choice but seemed too each or without goal.  I’ve had a couple of single socks hanging around and I have a ton of sock yarn waiting to be socks so I went with #100daysofsockknitting.  I’m amazed at how much I get done, even if I only do a couple of rows each day.  So, one single sock is now mated up and ready to wear come winter!


Pattern: Came with the yarn but basic sock Yarn: Snowman Self Patterning by Abi Grasso

I have to say they are pretty cute but it was kind of a pain in the behind to knit.  I’m not great at playing with my guage and as you can see in the picture it’s really hard to get the snowmen to match up so there was a lot of decreasing and increasing stitches during the snowmen rounds.  I’m not sure I’ll tackle another self patterning yarn.  Maybe just stick to stripes for me, or something a little less defined.

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