What’s on My Needles This Weekend

I mentioned in last week’s post my participation in #the100dayproject and it’s going so well!!  3 weeks in and both my orphan socks have mates and that was my condition for starting new sock yarn!!  I was lucky enough (awhile back, we won’t say how long) to score a skein from FabFunkyFibers.  I’m not even sure how I knew there was going to be a shop update but I got on it and got me some yarn.  With these shop update type of purchases I don’t usually have time to see what I’m buying I just put it in my cart and check out.  This time I got Pink Rainbow and I loved it when it came in the mail!  It’s been hanging on wall waiting to be knit for a long time…  And it’s day came this week.

First, I wish I had a video running when I wound into a cake because the colors as they were whipping by just made me so happy!  I’m not so big on cat videos on the internet but I probably could’ve watched that video a million times.  And, this is what I ended up with:


Seriously, how can you not smile when you look at???  I was thinking of just doing a vanilla sock with an afterthought heel but then I looked in my Ravelry queue and found that I had marked this pattern for this yarn.  The pattern is Fruit Stripe Gum Socks, featuring a spiral rib by Leah Oakley.  She wrote it to really show off self striping yarn and I fondly remember Fruit Stripe Gum from my youth and in this pink colorway – oh heck yeah!!

So, this is what’s on my needles this weekend (and after the week I had I probably won’t put this down for long 🙂 )


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