What Yarn Are You?

This is the question posed for the first day of Knit & Crochet Blog Week 2015 hosted by Eskimimi Makes.  Before I dive in, I  must send out good vibes to Eskimimi who is unable to participate this year due to some health concerns – hope all works out for you!

Now, I did a little research to figure out which yarn I would be and I came up with Linen.  I was specifically looking for a yarn that is a little rough when you first get it but becomes softer as you wash and wear it.  At first I was thinking of some type of wool that softens as it wears but the more I searched the more linen came up.  Here are some fun facts I learned about linen yarn:

  • Linen is made from a plant called Flax which is a weed that grows in the Netherlands
  • It is durable but elegant – a rare mix of qualities
  • Produces a strong material that lasts a long time
  • It has a natural ability to cool you through evaporation
  • It is not soft & fluffy at first touch
  • Requires no special care and with each wash becomes softer

I think I’m a lot like linen yarn.  I’m a bit stiff and prickly when you first meet me but the longer you know me, the more you will find out I’m all soft on the inside.  I feel I’m quite durable, if durable were used to describe people.  Synonyms for durable include long-lasting, tough, resistant, strong, and indestructable.  I’d like to think I’m tough and strong and weather whatever is thrown at me.  Linen yarn also has many uses – looking at Ravelry under Euroflax Sport Weight (one of the more popular linen yarns) there are 5,167 projects ranging from t-shirts to totes to dishcloths and blankets.  I have many interests and I will try just about anything once!

So, what yarn would you be???

3 thoughts on “What Yarn Are You?

  1. What a cool idea 😉 I was trying to think of what I’d be, and then thought “Manx Loughton” and literally thought of their horns and realised how wrong that would sound. Long day I’m a bit punchy! I’ll give this a think.

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