Photo Day! #6KCBWDAY3


This is my third year of participating and there is always a photo day.  I want to improve my photo skills but that’s kind of far down the list of pressing things to do so I do appreciate this little challenge each year.

I recently discovered a new blog that I enjoy very much – The Desert Knitter and she wrote a blog about swatching for a new project that was going to use different colors.  In the post she talked about using the black and white filter to check contrast in her choices.  I found it so interesting and it made me think of my yarn club yarn.

My ultimate goal with the 12 skeins of yarn club yarn is to put them all in one project so I have a Colors of Cleveland finished item.  This will be interesting because we have received so many different colorways and all are variegated.  I have a few ideas of projects in mind (and I’ll share more of that later this week – big tease!).  In the meantime, I took the 9 months of colors outside this past sunny Saturday and took some photos and used my black and white filter to see what the contrast looks like in a few different line ups.  Here’s what I have so far.

2015-12-5--12-35-07 2015-12-5--12-38-42

What I noticed most was there is very little contrast when you switch to black and white, except for a few pops of very bright or very dark colors there is a pretty even gray going on throughout.  I have a great neutral to use between sections of colors so I think however they end up it will work.  We still have 3 more months to add.  I think I know which one I’m leaning towards but let me know which one you like!

6 thoughts on “Photo Day! #6KCBWDAY3

    • Colors of Cleveland is a yarn club my LYS is sponsoring. One of the girls who works at the store has come up with color palettes for the different neighborhoods in Cleveland and SpaceCadet yarn then uses it to dye the yarn. I’ve done a bunch of posts on each month’s yarn.


  1. They are all gorgeous. For some eye candy, it is fun to see the colors paired against the black and white. I do favor the hot pink & orange one near the top. That is fun. Looking forward to see how the rest of the challenge goes. One week is pretty intense but it sure is fun getting to know all of you. Hope you will stop by and say hello.


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