Decisions, Decisions

Today’s topic is to create a poll on a knitting topic.  The first thing that popped into my head was my ever burning of question of what I’m going to do with my yarn club yarns once the year is over.  (All of my yarn club posts can be found under the category Yarn Club if you want to take a look).  My plan is to make a giant Cleveland project blending all 12 yarns into one project.  Now, I won’t use all the yarn for the project, I’ve already dived in and used some of January’s yarn for another project but I have enough left over to incorporate into the bigger project.  We all love Ravelry but I really wanted to figure out a way to search for projects that require 12 or more colors.  In the meantime, I’ve been keeping my eye out and marking any projects I think will work.  So, here’s where you can help – I’ve listed my top 3 in the poll and I’ve included Other.  If you vote Other, please leave a suggestion in the comments so I can check out some other options!

In case you are wondering – here are links for the options: 1. Dotted Rays 2. Memory Blanket and 3. All Colors Work Shawl  I’ll discuss my thought process in more detail after I get the poll results.  I don’t want to bias the voting!

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