Where and When? #6KCBWDAY7


It’s the last day of Knit & Crochet Blog Week and, as with the #LoveYourBlog challenge, Eskimimi saved the easiest for last – Your Time, Your Place.  When and where do we take time out to knit.  I’m not one of those people that takes out knitting everywhere they go. I find I don’t need to be knitting all the time, everywhere.

So, when do I knit?  The simple answer – pretty much everyday, but Thursdays are knitting days.  At this point even some of my co-workers know this.  Knit night starts with tea and pastry as the bakery next to the yarn store (River Colors) and ends at a local restaurant with a meal and an adult beverage but this might belong below in the Where section.  The more thoughtful answer – I knit when I’m bored and when I’m stressed.  My favorite saying is “Sometimes all you can do is knit in a circle”.  I recently talked to a friend who found knitting in a circle to be absolute torture so I guess it’s not for everyone but for me, having something on a set of circular needles and just knitting is very relaxing.  It requires almost no concentration so when I’ve had a long, hard work day it is all the mental power I have left in me.

Where do I knit?  At home, each night to relax from evil work days.  On Thursdays, we knit at River Colors Studio. Thursday is open knit night.  The yarn store where I learned to knit did not have open knit days/nights.  I wanted to become a better knitter and a knitter who was able to finish more than one project a year so when I found knit night I decided that would force me to dedicate two hours of my week to knitting.  Funny, now if I only knit two hours a week there is definitely something wrong!  When I started going in 2008 there was a large group that met on Thursday nights and I sort of blended into the crowd and took in the scene.  Slowly, the crowd started to trail off and I was able to actually start meeting other knitters.  I’m sure all knit groups go through an ebb and flow.  We often talk about those who have been part of the group and then mysteriously disappear, never to be seen again.  There was a small amount of time where it really was only the 5-6 of us in my group.  We’re back up in numbers now and new people trickle in and out which always makes things interesting.  I have also been known to pull out a sock at very long, very boring work meetings 🙂

This year’s blog week was especially fun as there was quite an active group over on Facebook and I “met” many new bloggers this year.  Can’t wait for next year!

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