About that Poll…

So last week as part of Knit & Crochet Blog Week I published my first ever poll – it was all very exciting!  And, thanks to the 4 people who voted – each vote made me very happy!  2 votes for the Memory Blanket and 1 each for Dotted Rays and All Color Works Shawl.  I said I would discuss my thought process more after I saw the results.

I’ve been searching since yarn club started for a pattern to incorporate all 12 months and it’s hard to search for something like that on Ravelry.  We all know that Steven West loves to play with colors and I saw a few Dotted Rays that used quite a number of colors which is why that was actually at the top of my list.  The rows were long enough to see all the colors and with a neutral between stripes it would probably work.  The same goes with the All Color Works Shawl.  I really liked the Memory Blanket but was worried the squares would not be large enough to really appreciate the color varigations.  And, I’m already working on my version of it with the yarns I collect when I travel.

Timing is always a weird thing and I believe the day after I published the poll the Outline pattern was in the hot 20 list on Ravelry.  The pattern is by Hedgehog Fibers and was specifically designed to use single skeins of hand dyed sock yarn. They even state in the description that it is perfect for yarn clubs!  And, it’s a FREE pattern!!!  I can hardly wait to cast on!  I was going to wait until I had all 12 colors before I started but I think I can cast on the first color 🙂

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