The 3rd Annual Rummage Sale Post

First, my apologies to everyone out there – I’m really behind on blog reading and that has a lot to do with some other stuff going on right now so if I have not popped over to your blog recently I’m hoping to catch up soon and I miss seeing what everyone is up to!

And, now, on with the 3rd annual rummage sale post.  You can check the archives for the past two rummage sale posts but if you’re new to the blog know that I hate, in fact, loathe the annual rummage sale my church youth group holds each June. The only redeeming factor is that it usually provides material for a good blog post!  This year, due to the aforementioned other stuff, I have escaped the torture that is working the rummage sale.  I did get the opportunity to stop up one night after work as I had friends who were first time donors to the sale so I went up with them.  I had heard that they had pulled aside the inevitable bag of yarn that had been dropped off so I knew I could check that out.

There were actually three bags and they were stacked like a tower of discarded stash.  The top bag was filled with less than desirable yarn, as was the second.  Apparently, I wasn’t going to luck out like last year and find a bag of Zealana Tui – lightning doesn’t strike twice.  I was not overly hopeful as I dragged the final bag out, but, JACKPOT!!!

I had been secretly hoping there was some good yarn coming because we had found all those awesome hand knit items that were donated when we had the clothing sale in April.  I’m not entirely sure this yarn came from the same knitter but it’s highly likely.  The price tags on all of it were the tags used by my LYS and all the hand knit items were patterns that were very popular at the store.  Here are the treasures in the bag:

20150603_193822 20150603_194239

The complete inventory includes: 15 skeins of Silky Wool in Coffee Bean and 5 skeins of Silky Wool in Hazy Blue; 10 skeins of Blue Sky Alpaca (sport weight) in a natural color; 2 skeins of Cascade 220 in a brown color; 13 skeins of Berrocco Inca Gold in a very dark brown and 2 skeins of Shibui in Watermelon.  I’m super excited about the Shibui and the Blue Sky Alpaca!  The blue Silky Wool will probably going to one of my knitting friends because that is really her color and we’ll see about the rest!

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