Well Loved Blankets

This week as I was working away I got my e-mail that Danie at One Twisted Tree had posted a new blog post.  (Side note: I think I was listening to her podcast at the time I got the e-mail.  The Prairie Girls Knit and Spin podcast is one of my favorites!  I had heard it mentioned on some other podcasts I listened to but thought that prairie girls might not be my thing.  When my job changed and I had more time to listen to podcasts I decided to give them a try and loved them!!  I then went back and started listening from the start!)  Anyway, back to this post, I needed a short break so I read her post and just loved it.  I wanted to post a reply but decided to just write my own post.

You can read Danie’s post here (and, while you’re there check out her yarn – Disco Lemonade is calling my name!).  In it she talks about two crocheted blankets that her daughters love and have had since they were babies.  I immediately thought of the crocheted blanket that was in my blanket basket at home, a blanket I had just used on Monday.  It was crocheted by my grandma and we had two of them when I was growing up.  Both made out of very standard 70’s colored acrylic yarn.  A few years ago my mom gave me the green/yellow/white one.  I think the other one is still at her house and it is various yellows and white.  They have held up so well and have not required any repair, to my knowledge.  These were the blankets we used all the time at home and I remember huddling under them on the few sick days my mother let us take.  Which, is why, it was no surprise that when I came home sick from work on Monday I picked that blanket from the pile to cover up with (yes, it was 85 degrees but when you’re sick you always need a blanket)


I often think of how my grandma and great aunt tried to teach me to crochet but it just never took (still doesn’t take, I really need 2 needles).  I did not start knitting until after my grandma had passed but my great aunt was still around and she would always marvel over my knitting, even the early knitting.  She always thought knitting was prettier than crochet and that’s a debate that cannot be solved in one blog post but she did appreciate the handiwork.

I also have to think about how so many of us knitters (myself included) can be yarn snobs.  We talk about our alpaca and covet qiviut but in the end, it makes little difference what the item was knit from.  My blanket and the blankets in Danie’s post were all made from acrylic and it made no difference to her girls or to me that they were not made from 100% hand dyed baby alpaca (not that I’m going to stop buying 100% hand dyed baby alpaca) which is definitely something to keep in mind.

I like to hope that crafting can slowly change this crazy world, but while that’s happening, I know for sure that crafting makes it a more gentle place to live in while we wait, and knit.

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