Big Yarn in the Big Apple

My next trip took my to one of my favorite places – the Big Apple!  This post will focus on all the yarn related activities took place during the trip and next week I will look at all the tourist things I did.  I mentioned in Saturday’s post that I went to the Lion Brand Studio so I figure I should follow up with more details.  But first, I try to get NYC about once a year or so and I always go to Purl Soho, because, well – it’s Purl Soho.  This trip I really wanted to make it to the Lion Brand studio because I had seen pictures of their summer window which had a farmers market theme and it looked so cute.  In that vein, I thought I would maybe branch out and check out some other stores.

To get some ideas, I left Kristin from the Yarngasm podcast a message asking what her favorite yarn stores were in NYC.  She was so kind and answered my question in episdoe 157 and I was so excited to hear my Ravelry name mentioned and my question answered.  She mentioned some stores that look great online, including Gauge + Tension, La Casita and Brooklyn General and I really wanted to do a Brooklyn yarn crawl, however, that did happen this trip but will definitely make it happen on my next trip.  I was spending Saturday and Sunday in Bayside, Queens and had no good way to get to Brooklyn.

Where did I make it to?  Lion Brand and String.  So, let’s start with Lion Brand.  It’s definitely a little out of the way, near Union Square and on the edge of the West Village, it’s on a very quiet side street and I almost walked right by it.  It’s very accessible by subway using the 14th Street stop on the F train.  I got in right before another huge downpour and it was hot and humid so I was almost melted by the time I got there.  The window was even more amazing in person and there was so much to look at in the store.  I wandered around, took some pictures and pet some yarn.  I was just about to leave when I noticed how hard it had started raining so I wandered some more and that’s when I decided to pick up the hat yarn.  The girls working at the store were so nice, friendly and helpful.  I sat down at the knitting table to wait out the rain and talked the two ladies who were working out some crochet issues across from me.  Here are some pictures from the store.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The next morning I had some time and so I headed to String which is located on the Upper East Side and is also pretty accessible via subway, although, you have to get off either at 77th or 68th of the 4, 5, 6 trains as it is at 74th street.  It’s on the second floor of the building and it took me awhile to figure out how to get in.  As I was Googling to make sure it was open, I was reading the Google reviews (I never put stock in them but they are interesting to read) and it was getting killed in the reviews.  I just looked again as I was writing this and I see someone posted a new review last week and I would totally agree with it.  But, back to getting in – there is a buzzer and you have to get buzzed in to the store.  Once you get up there it is a bright and beautiful space.  The store is very small but they make the most of the space.  There was a knitting group going on at one end and the girl working was very friendly and helpful.  I did think there were limited brands available but of the brands they carried they had a wide variety of fibers and colors.  I loved that they had a little knitting bar and I also loved these yarn wrapped sticks on one of the tables.

20150731_111742 20150731_111751

I did not buy anything at String as there was nothing there that I could not live without or get at home but I was glad I had visited!  I really want to make some yarn covered sticks and I have plenty of both at my house!

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