My First Test Knit

I was so excited to be tagged by the amazing Melody Jo Rogers for a test knit this month.  I discovered Melody’s patterns a couple of years ago when I decided to start selling finished items.  Her patterns are great and come in a wide range of sizes and, most importantly, she grants permission to sell finished items.  That’s a big issue for me and probably should be a separate post.  I had signed up to test knit for her awhile back and just had not been able to jump in on any of the opportunities until two weeks ago.

I’ve had some work changes this summer and, as I have mentioned, I have lots of time to listen to podcasts with my current job.  Sadly, I don’t have wifi so most of the day I’m off-line to save on data on the phone.  As I was at work I was listening to one of the knitting podcasts I listen to and started thinking about how I wanted to get into test/sample knitting and how I needed to get a plan for that.  I then recalled that Melody had recently posted she had switched up her test knitting process and I decided I would read up on that when I got home to make sure I was still on her list.  Meanwhile, I got a voicemail on my phone so I had to turn my data on.  When I did that I had Facebook notifications that I was tagged by Melody in a post – a post announcing it was my turn for an opportunity to test knit her newest pattern.  What???  Hello Universe, I’m listening!  It was not the best timing but when the universe hits you over the head I feel you better answer.

So, on to the knitting!  This was for a hat and, because I took the newborn size, baby pants.  I signed up for the newborn size because I really wanted to work on figuring out newborn sizing as I find my hats almost always come out way too big.  Because this was for a test knit I actually swatched!!!  And, I could not reach row gauge.  I read articles on Knitty, Craftsy ( and I think a few other random sites.  I switched yarns and needles and then gave up.  The sum of all the articles I was reading seemed to indicate that stitch gauge is way more important than row gauge.  And, because I was test knitting, I knit according to the pattern but if it had been just for me I could have adjusted the row count to make up for the difference.  Here are the swatches I did.


They actually almost all came out the same length.  The one on the far left was a bit taller but it was made out of a heavier yarn.  I ended up using the purple yarn as it came out closest the required gauge.

The pattern was well written and easy to follow as are all of Melody’s patterns.  The hat and pants came out super cute!  I did run out of purple but had the same yarn in green so used that in the mix as well and I actually like it better.  The green and purple are Brown Sheep Nature Spun Fingering.  The cream is a Bernat or something similar that I got at one of the large box craft stores.  The pants did come out a little longer than the pattern had indicated due to the row gauge issue.

20150821_185645 20150821_185445 20150821_185433

You can find all of Melody’s patterns on her website by clicking here!  It was a lot of fun for my first test knit and if you need any help with test knitting get in contact with me!!

2 thoughts on “My First Test Knit

  1. I love how you included your swatching process and yes, you have to answer when the Universe is calling!
    Love the color change. It worked out perfectly even though it wasn’t pre-planned. Accidents came be wonderful!


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