Knit the Sky

Trying something new this week – a book review!  I’ve been wanting to delve into this area but have not bought any books lately but now I have one!  I’m sure many have heard about the Knit the Sky scarf but did you know the woman behind it now has a book out???  I first heard about the sky scarf a couple of years ago.  A couple of my knitting friends had ordered the kit from Leafcutter Designs and the yarn that comes in the kit is just delightful.  I did not order a kit at the time but filed it away in my head.  But, I’m getting ahead of myself a bit here.  The Sky Scarf is a knitting idea by Lea Redmond.  You can check out all the sky scarves on Ravelry.  It’s a free “pattern” but it’s more of a recipe of what to knit.  Basically, you can accumulate sky colored yarns and knit back and forth each day in the colors that most represent the sky that day.  You do this for a year and then you have a scarf!

I love the idea of incorporating life into knitting in such a free-form manner.  I signed up for Lea’s newsletter and that’s where I first heard about her book.  I sent the link to my mom as a suggestion for an upcoming birthday present.  But, after a tough week, she gave me my book early!!!


First, the book is so visually pleasing that I could not put it down.  It just makes me smile.  The illustrations throughout the book are beautiful.  There are 31 projects in the book.  I call them projects because they are not all patterns but more abstract knitting recipes that play with knitting and interacting in the world.  There are definitely some patterns and some instructions in the back of the book on stitches, etc.  But the focus is really on playing with your knitting.  She even gives you some ideas of how to create your own abstract knitting project.  The book sells for $15.90 on Amazon for the hardcover and $8.69 for a Kindle version but this is a book that you absolutely must have the paper version.  The hardcover version will really allow for a greater appreciation for all the artwork in the book.  For me, this is a must buy.  I thought I would like it but I really love it.  I’m not sure what I’ll get started on – I might save it for the new year and figure out a good project for 2016 so stay tuned!  But, go out and buy the book!!!!

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