What’s on My Needles This Weekend

Well Christmas knitting is in full swing in my house so some of my current projects will have to wait until after the holiday to be revealed.  But, of course, there are always other projects to talk about!  My current purse knitting is, of course, a pair of socks and this week it got a new bag so I think that’s what we’ll talk about today.

I’m using the Regia Arne & Carlos yarn I got while in Wisconsin this summer. I have the winter night colorway. I’ve decided to start experimenting with my sock construction to see what works best for me.  This experimentation was inspired by many of the podcasts I listen to who talk about all these different socks and by the fact that while I love my hand knit socks I acknowledge they could fit me a bit better (and don’t even start that swatching may help with fit…)

There are two things I know about sock construction for me.  1. I prefer cuff down and 2. double points are the only way, don’t even talk to me about the sorcery that is magic loop or two circulars.  So, let’s look at these points.  First, cuff down – my first pair of socks was toe up on two circulars/two at a time.  This pair nearly killed me and it took my first time in the Ravellenic Games to finish them.  I think the main reason for this is I hate ribbing so ending the sock with endless knitting and then two inches of ribbing was like torture.  I also enjoy my project getting smaller as it gets towards the end – it clearly goes faster!  One of our group’s sock knitters convinced me to give socks another go by trying a pair with dpns and it worked!  So far I’ve not been afflicted with Second Sock Syndrome.

All of my early socks have traditional heel flaps and/or short row heels.  I am really the only sock knitter in my regular group so I don’t really have anyone to talk to about socks.  Once I started listening to podcasts I started to realize how many things were to knit socks and so I started to investigate.  My last pair I used the afterthought heel.  Meh – here are my issues with it.  When I kitchner that toe I want to be done with that sock.  Having to go back and still do a heel was not making me happy.  I also did not enjoy putting all the stitches back on the needles and still ended up with gaps.  Also, kitchner, AGAIN…  Ugh, I hate kitchner so anything that doubles the amount of kitchner stitches is not for me.

The Arne & Carlos yarn clearly only needs a vanilla sock so I could play with heel construction again.  This time I’ve opted for the fish lips kiss heel.  I had my mom come over and we made the cardboard cut out of my foot and I did all the measurements.  I’m about halfway through the first heel and so far am enjoying it.


In the meantime, the folks over at Cooperative Press were having an awesome sale so I ordered Sock Architecture by Lara Neel and will explore those options with my next pair of socks.

The other exciting thing about this project is my new project bag!!   I won it in the Turtles Journey KAL that was hosted by Heather Anderson during the month of September.  You can learn more about Heather and her designs in her Ravely group Heather Anderson Designs.  It’s beautiful and keeps everything inside it much better than the bag I had in my purse where needles often ended up rolling around everywhere.  I also love the contrast of the inside and outside fabric.


What’s everyone else knitting this weekend????

4 thoughts on “What’s on My Needles This Weekend

  1. I’m totally with you on the cuff down thing. The only reason I ever do toe up is to make sure I use a certain amount of yarn. I have tried several heels but my go to is a flap and gusset. I user magic loop because I’m TERRIBLY unorganized and was constantly losing one of my dpns. Good for you though in exploring possibilities! The Regia is perfect for that. Enjoy your knitting!


    • Thanks – I saw your sock on Instagram so I will be interested to hear about your discovery! I also want to try the short circulars that Dani talks about and I think I have a set somewhere around here so we’ll see. Hope you’re feeling better 🙂


  2. My knitting needles are silent this weekend, but I am crocheting a baby afghan for a friend that wants to give it as a gift at a baby shower & making 25 pumpkin hats for the NICU unit for Halloween.


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