Fall has arrived in the midwest of the US!  I shared this picture this morning on Instagram and I have to say I was quite humbled (and totally fangirl excited) that Susan B. Anderson herself left a comment 🙂  More on the hat (which is one of her amazing patterns) next week in this month’s FO’s.

I have this upcoming week off from my day job as our project wrapped up on Friday and we are awaiting a new assignment and I’m super excited about all the things I can get done.  As I was working on my to do list for the week I realized that the list, combined with the amount of knitting I think I’m going to get done and the actual number of hours in the week probably don’t add up.

This all got me thinking about how we knitters always overestimate the amount of the knitting we can get done in a set time frame.  If you read any posts or listen to any podcasts that discuss travel knitting you will notice a theme – overpacking of knitting projects.  I consider myself a master packer but I always have more knitting than I will every do on any trip.  I travel quite bit and I know how much knitting I do when I travel (very little) and yet, I always panic at the last minute that something will happen and I will need more knitting.  Maybe it will be a long travel delay or maybe I’ll get bored with the socks I packed -who knows but it’s better to be prepared.  And, I know I’m not alone!

I am currently working on a commissioned order of two the infamous mermaid lapghans that are sweeping Facebook.  They will be Christmas presents for my friend’s daughters.  They knit up fast but you still need to put in some time so I am under the delusion that I will finish one and start the second with my week off.  This is the current mess of mermaid projects on my project chair.


And, here’s my partially completed to do list.


Now, either some of the items drop off the list or some of the knitting does not get done because there just are not enough hours in the day.  I suppose we should admire our optimistic views of the amount of knitting we can accomplish which is never extinguished despite all the tangible evidence to the contrary so I’m off to start knitting and I will finish all of it by next week – stay tuned 🙂

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