FO Parade

I think I have a record number of FO’s this month.  Unfortunately many of them are Christmas gifts and some of the receivers might actually read this blog so I’ll just show some hints and will post full pictures post Christmas.

Let’s start at the beginning.  A third mermaid blanket.  This completed an order for two from a friend.  I think they will look super cute on Christmas!


Pattern: Mermaid Tail Lap Blanket Yarn: Knit Picks Brava Worsted

Moving on, while I was writing last week’s post I came across a super cute little ornament pattern that I had to make up for someone on my list. More on this later but here is a sneak peak!


Also on the Christmas gift list – another sneak peak!


And, last but not least – from this month’s on the needles post – the infamous TCU hat.  Once I got going on this it actually knit up quite quick and I think it turned out great!  I don’t do much colorwork but there is still quite a bit of give in the hat so my floats were not too tight – yea!!


That makes 4 (or actually 5 – I made two of the striped project) FO’s for November.  More exciting, and what I’m calling the Thanksgiving Miracle of 2015, I’m finished with all the Christmas knitting!!!!

I’m going to spend December working on a few “extra” Christmas projects for those little things that pop up.  I mentioned the ornaments on HandsOccupied site and she’s really been sharing some cute patterns.  And, I’m going to join The Grinchalong which is hosted by the Knitmore Girls.  I had a moment of weakness and ordered some Christmas yarn from Voolenvine Yarns on Wednesday.  I think I’m going to cast on the Verdure Shawlette by Fluffy Fibers and no pressure, maybe by next Christmas I’ll have a cute new shawlette to wear!


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