Great Knitting Debates: Gift Knitting Edition

Back in the saddle this week – totally planned on doing a post last week but the week got away from me.  Good news is that I did get in a fun, knitting-related adventure which I will touch on later.  But, first, let’s talk about gift knitting because ’tis the season!

I feel that there are several issues which will cause quite a debate if brought up on the company of knitters.  One of those is definitely gift knitting so I thought I would share my thoughts on the subject this week.  I’m a huge fan of gift knitting.  I knit gifts every Christmas, and some years they become MLK Day gifts or Presidents’ Day gifts but that’s okay.  I also do not take into account the person’s “knitworthiness”  This is a term I’ve heard and seen thrown around with more frequency of late.  And, I feel it makes us knitters sound very snobby about our knitting.  No, I’m sorry, you’re not worthy of my knitting time.  Maybe I’m just lucky and I feel that everyone in my life is knitworthy.  But, I don’t think that’s it.  I feel everyone deserves a hand knit gift.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not knitting everyone I know a pair of socks, or even a scarf but there are plenty of little knit items I’ve made as Christmas presents over the years.  Years ago I read a book (can’t recall the title) and it was about using feng shui to clean your clutter.  It had a lot of good things to say but the one that really stuck with me was that once you give a gift it’s the receiver’s and you have to (in Elsa’s words) let it go.  In this case the author was talking to gift receivers and saying that even if it was a gift, if you are not using it, it does not fit or whatever the issue you are free to let it go.  Just because it’s a gift is not reason to hold on to the item.  I think of that when I’m giving a gift as well.  Maybe the person won’t know how long it took me to knit the item and maybe they won’t like it but that’s not really the point.  Maybe it ends up at their Goodwill store – well, hopefully someone will buy who does really want it.

I don’t normally knit for the same person year to year.  And, sometimes, I like to surprise people with a hand knit gift.  I’m not knitting it for their reaction but for my enjoyment of knitting and of gift giving.  And, let’s face it – how many socks/shawls/scarves do we as knitters actually need?  I’m going to knit all the time so I might as well share the joy of a handmade items with others in my life.

Sorry for the poor picture quality but these were all taken pre-blog and before I started working on my photography skills.  These are all gifts I’ve made in past as gifts for Christmas.  I would say that of the 4 I have no idea what happened to 3 of them.  I can tell you that the angel in the bottom corner was eaten by mice in my friend’s attic.  I will also say that my friend was so upset about it that I knit her another one.  Status of the replacement angel is unknown.  None of these (well, maybe the angel) took much time and I have no idea if the person who received them really liked them or not.  I was not even present when the wine or the stockings were opened.

So, where do you stand on gift knitting?  I hope if you are gift knitting that it is all going well 🙂  More on last weekend’s knitting adventure next week but now I have some knitting to get to!

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