Hey there 2016!

Wow – 2016, already??!!  I feel like I was just writing my 2014 year in review post just the other day.  I did not set forth any concrete goals for 2015 so instead of looking back I’m going to look ahead today.

Here’s the list for 2016:

  1. Cold Sheep
  2. Finish all of the Projects that Time has Forgotten
  3. Mittens
  4. Online hashtag projects
  5. Knit the Sky project
  6. Test/sample knitting
  7. Refocus on selling finished objects
  8. Work on developing a class to teach kids to knit
  9. Make a few changes to the blog

This is a long list to tackle in one blog post so this week I will focus on Goal #1 – Cold Sheep.  I need to watch my budget a little closer this year and so I decided to cut back on yarn purchases.  I was listening to back episode of A Playful Day’s podcast and she had a similar goal and declared she going Cold Sheep and I love that term!  I think we all grapple with this decision as I do feel like I want to support both my LYS and all the lovely independent dyers that I follow on Instagram.  My hope is that there were plenty of knitters who went Cold Sheep last year who will now make up for my lack of purchases this year.

To be realistic about it, I have some rules for my year of Cold Sheep.

  1. Cold Sheep does not apply while I’m traveling.  I love checking out yarn stores and sharing that here on the blog and I often pick up a memory of the trip.  I do only try to buy yarn that I cannot find at home or is local to the area I’m in.  (note, this does not apply when I “travel” to Ann Arbor, otherwise I would go broke at Spun!)
  2. Cold Sheep does not apply if I go to any wool festivals.  This may be the year I make it to Rhinebeck (more on that later 🙂 ) and I can’t have my hands tied if I finally make it to the holy grail of wool festivals!
  3. I have two gift certificates to my LYS and hope that will get me through any emergency purchases.  You know, when some new yarn comes in and we all HAVE to buy it and make the same thing!
  4. Last exception is a new Christmas yarn.  This was the first year I bought a Christmas yarn and I really enjoyed working with it during the Christmas season.  I cast on a shawl and made some good progress and will plan on finishing over the course of this year so it is ready to wear in December.  I would like to make this a tradition and my plan for this year is to get a self striping Christmas sock yarn and start a pair of socks.

Goal #2 really goes hand in hand with #1.  I really need to complete the projects in the Land of Forgotten Projects – I have moved all the UFOs to my antique chair in my living room so I see them ALL the time – staring at me blankly, saying “why have you left me??”


Once they were all in one place, I went through and did an inventory and wrote down what needles were the in project (thanks for that awesome suggestion Knitmore Girls!) and where I had left off.  Let’s face it – half the battle with UFOs is figuring out where you left off because we all think we’ll remember but then two years go by and who the heck knows???


And, as for non-knitting related goals – well, I try to keep it simple.  I’ve been working on minimalism and capsule wardrobes and am really seeing some benefits so I will continue on that path. I did see an interesting post on Facebook yesterday which I’m going to try and do this year.  The goal is to save 1 penny on 1/1 and 2 cents on 1/2 and 3 cents on 1/3 and so on.  By the end of year, you will be putting in $3.66 and will have saved over $650! (after reading the comments, I double checked the math and it is correct so game on!)  That screams plane ticket to me so I found this pot that I’m not using and put it on the first thing I see when I walk in the house – my kitchen table and hopefully that will set me up for success.  Day 2 and it’s looking good!


I saw a similar post that had to do with increasing daily steps and I need to print that out and figure it out but it seemed like a good way to up the step count which is always a good thing!

I think that is more than enough for now (and, perhaps a bit ambitious!). Over the next few posts I will expand further on the rest of the knitting goals but until then I wish you all happy crafting in 2016!

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