Pom Poms

Me and pom poms are not friends.  I’m not sure where our relationship hit the skids because I remember doing pom pom crafts with the girls I babysit and don’t remember having issues but sometime between then and now we seem to have had a falling out.

For the most part this is not an issue as I just don’t use them.  But, I talked about the Bunny Nuggets I made for my goddaughters last week and all bunnies require a pom pom tail, right???

My problem was twofold – my pom poms kept falling apart and were way too big for my tiny bunny nuggets.  When I first started, I had two pom pom makers – the traditional circle one and another one that I can’t figure out how to use.  I was out at the big box craft store and picked up the Clover pom pom maker (of the makers it is definitely my favorite).


I don’t enjoy the circle version because I never know how much yarn to cut off and I don’t like pulling it in and out.  The purple one I have no idea how to use and the directions have disappeared.  I loved the Clover one but the resulting pom pom was still too big.


When the makers were failing me I decided to do a little online research and came up with some interesting techniques.  I found instructions on using toilet paper rolls, forks and a yarn winder.  All of those seemed like good ideas but none would make one small enough for my tiny bunnies.  I also found instructions for using your fingers – brilliant!  I tried two fingers and then just my pinky finger and all were still too big.


Two fingers



Based on the research results I came up with my own idea and I thought it was brilliant!  I used 2 size 2 dpns and wrapped the yarn around those and then slid the tying piece of yarn between the two needles to secure the pom pom.  It seemed work.20160320_131134

It was really hard to cut the ends (and I was not at home with my really sharp scissors which might have helped).  I thought they turned out pretty cute.


But by the time I got them home and went to sew them on, they were starting to fall apart so I scrapped them and ended up using store bought pom poms I had in my craft stash.


The funny thing about this whole saga is just days before I decided to make these bunnies Arne & Carlos released a video on how to make pom poms and I thought – everyone knows how to make pom poms, what a strange tutorial.  The video is super entertaining but lesson learned – pom poms are harder to perfect than they appear!  So, if you have any great ideas about making awesome pom poms I would love to hear them!

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