Knitter with a capital K

Have you ever had that moment where you realize you are a Knitter (with a capital K)? I’ve had a few experiences recently that have led me to realize I’ve crossed the line from a recreational knitter to a Knitter.

I’m not exactly sure where the line is but I knew I crossed it a few weekends ago when I had a list of knitting chores to complete.  Knitting chores??  Yeah, this was serious now. Those chores included putting some socks through a citric acid soak and blocking a cowl I had just finished knitting.


Another sign that I had crossed an invisible line happened at a party that was a mix of my knitting friends and some non-knitters.  One of our knitting friends moved away last year and was due back for a visit which prompted the get together.  Unfortunately, she had to cancel her trip at the last minute but the party must go on.  One of the non-knitters was taking pictures to send to our friend and she was utterly amazed that while I was looking up and smiling for said pictures my hands never stopped knitting.  Hey – this girl needed to get that cowl off the needles!!

And, while this last little story may not indicate a line that has been crossed, it’s pretty darn cute so I’m throwing it in!  I knit the bunnies and monsters for my best friend’s kids for Easter (see FO’s for March).  The youngest is 9 and he really loved his monster, which I thought was adorable, because he’s a boy and he’s 9.  And, of all the kids, he’s the only one that’s expressed an interest in seeing how I actually knit.  I always have knitting when I go to visit and neither of the girls has ever shown any interest in learning.  This last trip the little one came over and asked how I did it.  So, I showed him a few stitches slowly so he could see how it worked.  After he watched for a few minutes he turned to his mom and said “Mommy, Jenny is amazing!”  Yep, that’s right kid, I’m amazing!!  He was my favorite that day, but don’t tell the others 🙂

There are other smaller things that tell me I’m no longer a recreational knitter.  I spent quite awhile with my mom in the big box store yarn aisle discussing yarn weights.  I find myself thinking a huge fair isle project seems like a good idea.  I’ve had passing thoughts that maybe I do need to knit a Rhinebeck sweater (who am I???)  Oh yeah, and I’m really going to Rhinebeck this year 🙂  I may also tell people I’m a knitter before I tell them anything else about me which must be a sure sign!

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