Hey Summer – slow down!!

I didn’t realize that last week was the last week of June (and I was very excited about Shepherd’s Day) and so I neglected to share my June FO’s.  I’m not sure where June went but many of us feel with our hockey and basketball teams winning championships this year and those seasons being extended into mid-June assisted in June flying away.

Either way, not much to report on for June.  I did finish my Graduate Your Stash KAL project which was these 2 bowls made from yarn I purchased somewhere in Eugene, Oregon in 2006.  The pattern was Stash Busting Project Bags and Bowls by Molly Conroy.  It’s a free pattern and comes with five different options depending on how much yarn you have left.  This is the yarn I blogged about trying to figure out the content of because this is a felting pattern.

The next challenge was actually felting the finished bowls. I have a front loading washing machine so no agitator.  What I did was put the bowl in an old pillow case and washed it with an old towel on high and hot water.  It came out kind of felted so when I finished the second one, I put them both in the pillow case and threw them in with my entire load of towels.  And it was much more felted. You can see the results in this picture. The one on the left was put through twice and the one on the right had been put through once when I took the picture.  I put the second one in for a second go around and am happy with the results now.  I’m going to put the small leftover bit in my yarn bombing scraps pile.


The other thing that I finished was the set of 3 golf club covers that I knit for a local charity golf outing.  I chose the colors of the charity (orange & black) and really love how they turned out.  I was playing yarn chicken at the end but made it work by manipulating the stripe pattern of the last one.  I’m glad I started with the largest one and worked my way down.  I used the pattern called Golf Club Covers by Purl Soho.  It’s another free pattern which I love!  I also had a fun photo session with these in my backyard.  This is the most action my clubs have seen in 5 years 🙂


That does it for FO’s for June.  I did a lot of knitting but none of it got anything finished.

Now, somehow it is 4th of July weekend here in the States and summer is half over.  I wanted to take a minute and catch up on some of the summer KALs I’ve been doing and talk about a little challenge I’m setting for myself this month.

I’m still entering photos for both the Summer Superlatives KAL hosted by the Knit Actually podcast and the Great Outdoors KAL hosted by Knitting Butterflies.  I try to stick to KALs that are easy and have limited rules (no Stash Dash for me – too much math 🙂 ). There are some categories for the Summer Superlatives KAL that can be found on Ravelry but it’s more about having fun and getting some summer knitting done.  Likewise, the Great Outdoors KAL is about knitting outside or things for the outside so that pretty much covers everything!  I’m also looking forward to the Ravellenic Games which run during the Olympics.  I see they are making some changes so it read up if you have participated in the past.  I haven’t decided what I’m entering yet but I’ll think about that more towards the end of this month.

Speaking of this month, I decided to do my own little knitting challenge.  I’m knitting Christmas in July.  I started my Verdure Shawlette in December using Voolenvine’s Blitzed yarn in the Deck the Halls colorway.  I, of course, got bored with it when Christmas was over and it has been sitting in the Land of Forgotten Projects.  All I have left is most of the border but the heavy knitting is done.  I’m going to focus my attention on trying to get it done this month so I have a nice shawlette ready to wear in December!  Care to join me?  I will be posting my progress on Instagram and fingers crossed this gets done 🙂


I think that is everything going on right now.  I’m finally going to get to do some traveling this month so my posts might not be up every week but we’ll see how it goes.  I definitely have some yarny adventures planned and will be excited to share when I return!


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